Affinity Biosensors can supply everything you need for the ultimate in particle metrology and cytometry.

ParticleLab Software


ParticleLab software enables full control of ARCHIMEDES' capabilities while fully automating key tasks. Its powerful yet intuitive interface gives a superior user experience as compared to conventional particle characterization instruments. Implementation on Windows 7 maximizes system stability and IT compatibility.

Data Acquisition


Measuring particles or cells is as simple as loading your sample and pressing a button. Data acquisition is automatic and takes only a few minutes, and information about particle or cell size, mass and other properties can be monitored and analyzed in real time.






Data Analysis

ParticleLab employs a complete suite of data analysis and reporting features. You can immediately access the true physical properties of your sample including mass, size, concentration, and content in parts per billion.


System Configuration setup

The simplicity of ARCHIMEDES' measurement principle allows simple and transparent instrument control. ParticleLab's Setup pane is a "live" wizard that gives instant feedback on instrument status and indicates needed action.



Advanced Features

ParticleLab includes a number of unique features, incuding:

densityParticle density

After measuring your samples in fluids of two different densities, ParticleLab uses Archimedes' Principle to calculate the density of your particles.


Sample Dynamics and Time Windowing

Monitor the time dependence of a sample's physical properties using ARCHIMEDES' Auto Resampling and ParticleLab's time-window feature.