Understanding LifeScale Data

Understanding LifeScale Data

LifeScale measures the concentration, mean microbe mass and total mass content of an inoculum by individually counting and weighing all of the microbes in a given volume. It is the combination of both the mass of an individual microbe and an accurate count of the number of microbes per unit volume that make the LifeScale instrument such a powerful tool for life sciences and for anti-microbial susceptibility testing in particular. 

Along with the individual mass and microbe count, the time of measurement and a running total of the volume of inoculate consumed are recorded for each sample. It is therefore possible to calculate:

  • Mean microbe mass (fg)
  • Concentration change between pre-defined times (%) 
  • Concentration (#/ml)
  • Total microbial mass per unit volume (ug/ml)


Analyzing both the measured and calculated data gives a complete picture of changes in the microbe population over time.

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