"By the way, we are getting a lot of great results.  More people here are becoming ARCHIMEDES converts each day.  Thanks again for the great instrument and support."
MALVERN INSTRUMENTS to Distribute ARCHIMEDES Outside of North America
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Particle Metrology

ARCHIMEDES sets a new standard in particle metrology. Its high resolution surpasses dynamic light scattering, laser diffraction, and Brownian motion tracking. Simple NIST-traceable calibration gives true accuracy at the 1% level. Unlike light scattering, each particle is measured individually, and there are no inversion algorithms or optical artifacts. The connection between your sample and the information you need is clear and rock solid. Even density can be measured – Archimedes' Principle in action.particle metrology


October 26th, 2012
Malvern Instruments partners with Affinity Biosensors to distribute ARCHIMEDES outside of North America.
September, 2012
Affinity Biosensors' cofounder Scott Manalis (MIT) profiled in Nature Methods.
July, 2012
Coriolis Pharma, a leading bio- pharmaceutical research and development service, notes suitability of ARCHIMEDES for analyzing protein formulations.
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Mass Measurement

The ARCHIMEDES particle metrology system weighs individual particles and living cells with a resolution below 1 femtogram (10-15 g) - one million times better than other mass measurements in fluid. The key element is a resonant microfluidic channel. As particles or cells pass through one by one, the resonant frequency of the channel changes in response to their mass, giving an extremely accurate measure of each particle's mass and size. mass measurement